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Official Chapter of the G.T.O.A.A.


Club Members Gallery

Steve Carlson

Roger Landon

Mike Richardson

Jack Meyer

Tom Stickler

Fred Sievers

Dale Kintzley

 Jim Goodwin

Tom Stickler

Dale Kintzley

Janice Pullen

Bud Backer

Priscilla Kilgore

Jon Miller

Tom Knutzen

Bill Worden

Roy Thorpe

Ed Robbins

Rick Goodwin

Suzanne Baird

Mike Meyers

Gail Pullen

Rick Wilson

Dave Gunnerson

 Ed Neasham

Club Members (you know who you are!) would you like to have our team of trained monkeys add your car and profile to the site? If so, simply send an e-mail to, please include a scanned image(s) (600 pixels wide or less in jpg format prefered) and a description of you and your car(s).

This should be fun!